Get To Know Your Capital City Rowing Community!

The Community section provides information for the members of the Capital City Rowing Community. Included in this Community section is information for Rowers, Parents, a listing of CCR Alumni that have received college scholarships, common rowing terminology, and CCR forms.

CCR Rower & Parent Handbook

The CCR Power & Parent Handbook, along with this website, provides plenty of useful information for rowers and their parents.

CCR understands that for most new rowers, rowing is very unfamiliar territory. Parents and guardians can feel overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity with the sport. Many aspects of rowing require a little getting used to. Not only the sport, but also the terminology, the club (with its established ways of doing things), and the regattas, which are unlike other club level sports. This Handbook was written to help clarify the uncertainty. It contains information about CCR and how we operate, what to expect at regattas, and many other details. In addition, it provides an introduction to the sport of rowing and its terminology. The information in this Handbook remains largely the same from year to year.

Please note: CCR has made every attempt to ensure that the information in this Handbook is accurate. Unforeseen events and circumstances may affect club policies and procedures, however, we will make every effort to keep you informed of any changes via email.

The CCR Handbook can be found below: