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Capital City Rowing's Annual Erg-A-Thon

The "Ergathon" is Capital City Rowing's annual fundraiser. All athletes solicit pledges from family, friends, local businesses, etc., and then "erg" in shifts. An “erg” is short for ergometer, the rowing machine we use for training and fitness.

Rowing is one of the most expensive of all high school sports. Boats can cost as much or more than a car . We also hire our own coaches and use funds to pay for oars, riggers, cox boxes, speaker systems, a trailer for the boats, a truck to haul the boats to regattas, and workout equipment. 

Although we are a public team, we receive almost no public funding. To pay for all of this, the team relies heavily on its members and donors for financial support, holding fundraisers and soliciting donations to maintain its program. Despite any barriers we may have, our team has been able to be very competitive on the water. 

Funds raised are used for equipment purchases and maintenance, as well as our financial aid program to ensure that participating in crew is affordable for all CCR families. 100% of the donated funds go to the team. 

We greatly appreciate every donation!

What: CCR Erg-A-Thon Fundraiser

When: Saturday, March 22, 2025, 3pm-6pm

Where: The HUB



2025 Ergathon Awards
Winning erg team is based on fastest total erg time.

Team Prizes

  • 1st Place Team –  Winning team will get oar naming rights for 2025. Also first place medals as well as bragging rights!

  • 2nd Place Team-  Ergathon Medals & Naming Rights to one CCR Ergometer  

  • 3rd Place Team- Ergathon Medals & Naming Rights to one CCR Ergometer.  

Fundraising Prizes


Winning individual - Highest $ donations total across all teams wins: 

  • Bose head phones

  • CCR swag basket

  • Training Uni


Fundraising Individual - Any individual that raises a minimum of $500 for High School and $350 for Middle School will be entered in a drawing. 

  • 3 winners will be selected to name an Ergometer and receive a gift card from Chickfila.

Ergathon FAQs


Is Row Capital City Rowing a non-profit?  Yes.  CCR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation devoted to developing the strength, character and confidence of middle school and high school students, through the discipline and teamwork of rowing. 


I paid tuition, doesn’t that cover the cost of equipment? No. Tuition funds the  day-to-day operating needs including investments in coaches (all of whom are paid professional, facility and vehicle maintenance equipment maintenance (truck, trailer and launch registration as well as launch, shell and oar repairs), gasoline for launches, cleaning supplies, insurances, safety equipment, regatta and racing fees. 


Is my donation tax deductible? Yes. Capital City Rowing is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization as recognized by the IRS.  No goods or services, in whole or in part, are received in exchange for your contribution; therefore, the full value of your contribution is deductible for income tax purposes.  Please retain a copy of your email receipt for your tax records. 


What will my donation be used for? Rowing Equipment.  Our 2023 Ergathon fundraising goal is $25,000.  The team will invest the fundraising dollars into our fleet, land training equipment & transportation equipment.


How much does Rowing Equipment actually cost?  Rowing equipment varies in price depending upon manufacturer, materials used and quantities purchased.  For example – the shells that we currently use 8+ 4+ 2x 1 x range in price from over $42K to $10K.  The oars range between $750 and $500 each while new coxswain boxes run approx $1,200K.  Riggers, seats, shoes and all of the other working parts in a boat vary from $50 to $500 to buy, maintain or replace. 


Does Capital City Rowing  receive 100% of my donation? If you make your contribution online/electronically there is a small fee for the use of the bank and software platform.  Online processing fees of (2.9% + $.30) per transaction will not  affect the total of your contribution.


Can I give CCR a check for my donation instead of using the online platform?  Yes, you can donate with a check made payable to Capital City Rowing.  To have an  athlete receive credit for a cash or check pledge on their profile page kindly send an email to: or and include the following in the email: the athletes name, donation amount, pledge message for public donation or a notation if the donation should remain anonymous and let us know your intended delivery method  (in person at the ergathon or via postal mail).  The pledge platform will be updated to reflect the cash or check donation amount and the athlete will receive credit on their page.


Please do not send a check in to practice with your athlete. 

You may mail to:

Capital City Rowing, Inc.

3360 B-1 Raymond Diehl
Business Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32308


I am interested in having my business sponsor CCR, do you have sponsorship opportunities or benefits? 
Yes, all levels of sponsorship are appreciated and each receive different business exposure.

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