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The success of the CCR program relies on the invaluable volunteer efforts of parents. Their active participation in various tasks not only ensures the smooth running of the program but also fosters a sense of community, allowing families to connect, share common experiences, and celebrate achievements together. And the best part? It's a fun and rewarding experience!

One of the key contributions parents make is their presence and assistance at regattas, which are weekend events that require organizing and preparing meals for the participants. Additionally, there are ad hoc board committees, such as those responsible for fundraising events, safety measures, and crew dinners, which offer excellent opportunities for parents to get involved and serve the CCR community.

By volunteering in these roles, parents play a crucial role in creating a positive and engaging environment for the participants and help in making the program a resounding success. Parent dedication and involvement contribute significantly to the camaraderie and sense of togetherness among all those involved in the CCR program.

If you would like more information about getting involved and making a positive difference in the CCR experience, please contact our current CCR President, Jennifer Powell at:

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