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Rowing Programs

Middle school and high school kids from all walks of life come to us, not because we focus on the importance of winning like other organizations, but because we create a healthy environment – socially, physically, emotionally – and teach the proper skill set to empower every rower to conquer the next challenge in their life.

Middle School Rowing

The middle school program aims to deliver a comprehensive and enjoyable introduction to the sport of rowing, while simultaneously preparing young athletes for the physical demands they will face in high school rowing. Both boys and girls have the opportunity to learn and practice sweep rowing techniques using fours and eights. Additionally, they actively participate in challenging land-based training sessions.


By combining effective coaching techniques with a focus on enjoyment and skill development, the middle school program at Capital City Rowing Club sets a solid foundation for athletes embarking on their rowing journey. It provides a platform for them to learn and practice essential rowing techniques while gradually building their physical capabilities. This comprehensive approach ultimately prepares them for a successful transition to high school rowing, equipped with the necessary skills and fitness levels to excel in the sport.


Practice makes perfect.

Practice for us is not just for the perfection of technique or the development of physical fitness. It is the building block upon which we build our team philosophy: Hard Work Pays Off. Each and every practice attended is one more that an athlete develops the mental toughness and team bond necessary to compete in the sport of rowing. At our practices we work toward technical mastery, we strive toward peak physical condition, and above all else we ensure that every athlete learns how to be a better team member.

Make an investment in their future.

Middle School Rowing
Registration Fee: $175
Annual Membership Dues

One time payment: $2,475

OR 9 month payment plan: $275 per month

Practices are include three practices a week.

Fees and Dues include most regatta expenses, a CCR practice shirt, bag, hat, water bottle, park pass, and a racing shirt.

Ready to Row?


TUES/THURS 4:30-6:30  |  SAT 10:30-1:00


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