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Meet our Staff


Jonathan Richard

Program Director

Jonathan embarked on his rowing journey back in 2010 and discovered his passion for coaching in 2019 when he led the novice women's team at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville during the spring season. The experience was incredibly rewarding, and it motivated him to further pursue coaching opportunities.

Subsequently, he relocated to Virginia, where he had the privilege of coaching the Freshman and JV women at Thomas Jefferson High School and Resilient Rowing while concurrently pursuing his master's degree. These coaching roles presented remarkable achievements, as his boats secured gold at a state championship, progressed to the semifinals at the prestigious Stotesbury regatta, and earned medals in various fall head racing events. Additionally, he guided his team to participate in esteemed events such as the Head of the Charles and summer nationals, further solidifying the rowers skills and experiences.

Now, as he returns to Tallahassee, Jonathan is thrilled to bring back the valuable insights and experiences gained from his coaching journey. He eagerly looks forward to contributing his expertise to Capital City Rowing and working together to nurture growth and success in this incredible sport.

Russell Budell

Conditioning Coach

A native of Tallahassee, Russell has always been deeply connected to the sport of rowing. During his time at Lincoln High School, he was a dedicated rower for CCR's parent program, Tallahassee Area Crew, and eventually graduated in 2005.

As Russell pursued his college education at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, he began his coaching journey. He wholeheartedly embraced coaching roles for both high school and Masters rowers at Mendota Boat Club and Camp Randall Rowing Club. An impressive achievement during this time was his ability to unite the once rival high school teams, creating a harmonious and united crew for the city of Madison, WI.

Now, Russell is eager to bring his wealth of experience and coaching abilities to support and guide the rowers at CCR. Beyond just developing elite rowers, his vision extends to cultivating exceptional minds that are well-prepared to tackle any challenges life may present. With his passion for rowing and coaching, he aims to instill valuable life skills and foster personal growth in every individual under his guidance at CCR.

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Laura Reeves

Women's Varsity Coach

Coach Laura, an esteemed alumna of our club, joined CCR as a coach in the Fall of 2021. Her journey in rowing began in eighth grade, and she continued to excel throughout high school, where she captained the women's team for two years and played a pivotal role in setting several club records. During her time as a dedicated rower, Laura participated in the WV8+ category for four years and achieved numerous accolades.

Her achievements include earning gold at the Florida Sprints League Championships, securing silver at Head of the Hooch, claiming gold at FSRA Sweep States, and capturing silver at Southeast Regionals. Notably, Laura was part of the WV8+ crew that made history at CCR by qualifying for USRowing Youth Nationals for the first time in that category.

Following her high school graduation, Laura took a brief break from rowing to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences at FSU. During her college years, she ventured into the world of Ultimate Frisbee, demonstrating her versatility and sportsmanship.

After a three-year hiatus from rowing, Laura returned to the sport as a coach for the men's novice squad at CCR. Her dedication and exceptional coaching abilities quickly led to her becoming the Women's Head Coach. Under her leadership, the women's team thrived, bringing home an impressive collection of six medals and achieving several notable 4th place finishes in various competitions last year.

Beyond her contributions to CCR, Laura has also shared her expertise by coaching at an elite developmental camp that welcomed talented girls from all corners of the globe. Her passion for rowing and her commitment to nurturing aspiring athletes make her an invaluable asset to the club.

Coach Laura's enthusiasm knows no bounds as she looks forward to guiding and inspiring athletes, helping them realize their potential and chase after their dreams. With her expertise, determination, and experience, she aims to cultivate championship-caliber crews and foster an environment where athletes can flourish. CCR is fortunate to have Coach Laura on board, and her dedication will undoubtedly propel the club to new heights.

Angus Taff

Men's Varsity Coach

Coach Angus, a true Tallahassee native and former CCR athlete, boasts an impressive background with over 8 years of experience in the sport of rowing. As an alumnus of FSU with a BA in History, he has always had a profound love for teaching and education, making him an exceptional fit for an informative and engaging coaching style.

Since joining the club in 2021, Coach Angus has played pivotal roles as both an assistant and varsity coach. Under his guidance, athletes have achieved remarkable success at the regional level, including a gold medal triumph at SYC 2022.

Beyond his dedication to rowing, Angus finds joy in various other pursuits. He has a passion for culinary arts, often indulging in cooking and hosting delightful dinner parties for friends and family. Additionally, his creative side shines through as he enjoys the art of sketching, exploring his talents in the realm of visual arts.

With his deep-rooted connection to Tallahassee, his love for rowing, and his commitment to teaching, Coach Angus continues to inspire and nurture the talents of CCR athletes, fostering an environment of growth, achievement, and camaraderie.

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Will Walker

Assistant Women's Coach

In his high school years, Will was an accomplished rower, dedicating four years to the sport and securing multiple medals at the state level, including an exceptional state championship victory. The recognition continued as he went on to win second and third place medals in the MV4x at the southeast regional competitions in 2021 and 2022, respectively. His achievements reached a new pinnacle when he earned the prestigious distinction of securing the first-ever national championship medal in his club's history, showcasing his exceptional skills in the Men's U23 LM4x at club nationals.

Transitioning to coaching at Capital City, he proved to be an invaluable asset to the team. His coaching contributions included skillfully introducing many athletes to the world of sculling, nurturing their growth and proficiency in this discipline. Moreover, he played a key role in the success of the club's 8+'s and 4+'s, offering his guidance and expertise to help them excel on the water. Parallel to his coaching journey, he remained focused on his academic pursuits, diligently working towards a finance degree at Florida State University as an honors student, showcasing his commitment to both rowing and education.

Additional background information further highlights his dedication and accomplishments. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, he actively contributed to the Bolles Learn to Row program while spending time at home. Notably, he achieved commendable placements at various national events, securing 19th place in the V4X at the 2021 Youth Nationals and an impressive 15th place in the same competition in 2022. Demonstrating his determination, he was part of the first varsity boat to make a grand final at First Coast Club Nationals in the MV4x, earning a respectable 5th place finish.

An extraordinary feat was also accomplished as he competed in the youngest average age crew in his event at Charles in 2019 in the MVX+ category. With an outstanding track record as both a rower and coach, he continues to make significant contributions to the growth and success of Capital City Rowing, leaving a lasting impact on the athletes he mentors and the sport he deeply cherishes.

Emily Naidel

Men's Assistant Coach


Sophie Reinoso

Middle School Coach

Sophie has been the Middle School coach for CCR for the past 3 years. She was an avid rower in high school and college which led her to become  the current President of the Florida State University Rowing Club. She is thrilled to continue coaching the Middle School team and cannot wait to see how far the rowers can go! 

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