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Maclay Gardens Guidelines for Use of Facilities

1. Park rules, regulations, and instructions are provided for the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, and must be obeyed.

2. Obey posted speed limit and stop signs. Tickets may be issued by Park Police officers for infractions.

3. All vehicles must be parked in a designated parking space; no parking in medians or on road shoulders. No parking in drop-off lane near restrooms.

4. Six parking spaces closest to the restroom, and directly behind those designated for use by persons with disabilities, are to be left open for use by park day use visitors and may not be used by crew teams or parents coming to pick up.

5. The Crew Team Activity Pass must be shown at the Ranger Station for entry into the Park. The Park entry fee will be charged to any team member without a pass.

6. Unobstructed access for park visitors must be maintained in the parking lot, picnic pavilions, restrooms, boat ramp, and swimming area.

7. Clothing, shoes, books, backpacks, etc., should be placed in vehicles, or on racks provided at storage buildings. Park signs, tables, fences, pavilions, pavement or other park facilities are not to be littered with personal belongings. Please be aware of the appearance of your activity, and how it impacts the appearance of the Park.

8. All trash must be placed in the dumpster.

9. Tables will not be moved from picnic pavilions.

10. Running and other land exercise will be confined to the recreation area and parking lot. Ergs may not be set up in picnic pavilions.

11. The dock is to be used to launch and take out shells. The dock is for use by all park visitors. During posted crew team launch times, team members must be friendly and cooperative with park visitors in conducting launch activities. Under no circumstance will shells be launched from within the designated swimming area.

12. The Crew Team is to adhere to a Code of Conduct. The Crew Team is to submit a written Code of Conduct to the Park thirty (30) days after the execution of this Permit. The Park may act according to the Code of Conduct by giving infractions which may result in the Crew Team member being banned from entry into the Park.

13. Please help maintain the peace and serenity of the park for other visitors’ enjoyment.

14. Any Crew Member who wants to participate in the Park’s recreational activities will pay the Park entrance fee for entry into the Park.

15. The Gardens entry lawn and parking areas are not to be used for any crew activities.

16. The safety launch will not create any unnecessary wake. We are happy to provide the privilege of holding crew practice at the park and hope these guidelines will foster your continued use and enjoyment. Infractions may result in suspension of privileges.

Please call Matt Bledsoe, Park Manager at 850-241-2211, with any questions. Thank you for your help in providing an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

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